Resilient Democratic Party Organizes for 2018

The Washington County Democratic Party of Utah held a meeting on November 29, 2017 to organize their efforts and prepare for the 2018 elections. At this meeting, new officers were elected, new goals were defined, new resolutions were adopted and new candidates were given an audience. The Democrats have started a comeback in national politics and are now determined to have more influence in the local Utah politics as well. Chuck Goode, a candidate for Utah House District 71 in 2016, was selected as the new Party Chair. Dr. Jeremy Young, assistant professor of history at Dixie State University, became the new Vice-Chair. Dr. Lynne Cobb PHD, a retired St George psychologist, became the new Secr

Shireen Ghorbani for District 2

Meet Shireen Ghorbani Being raised by a single mother has informed a key policy for her. Her parents were separated during the Iran U.S. embassy crisis made famous in the film “Argo” but ended up being raised anyway by a single mother. She has two masters degrees and works for the University of Utah and has her own family. Shireen Ghorbani is now running for Congress, I have learned, to represent Utah’s 2nd congressional district. Check out why she believes in “health care for all,” a compassionate immigration approach, freedom of the press and takes a side on so many other issues. Shireen Ghorbani has two masters degrees, one each from the University of Utah, which brought her to the state,

Mitchell Vice for U S Senate

ST. GEORGE — Mitchell Vice, a marketing administrator with University Federal Credit Union based in Salt Lake City, announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate at the Utah State Capitol Friday. Mitchell Vice addresses members of the Washington County Democratic Party of Utah at the party’s annual convention at Dixie State University, St. George, Utah, May 13, 2017 | Photo by Joseph Witham, St. George News Vice joins two other declared candidates, Danny Drew and James Singer, for the Democratic Party nomination in the 2018 general election vying for the seat currently occupied by seven-term incumbent Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch. Vice, who recently spoke at the Washington County Democratic Con

Jenny Wilson for US Senate

A fifth-generation Utahn, Jenny Wilson is serving her second six-year term on the Salt Lake County Council. In 2005, she became the first woman elected to the Council, where she has led numerous policy initiatives, including ethics reform, government efficiency, criminal justice reform and open space preservation. She was a co-founder of the Jordan River Commission. Wilson has experience at all levels of government, having served as press secretary to U.S. Rep. Les AuCoin (D-OR) and as chief of staff to U.S. Rep. Bill Orton (D-UT), a Blue Dog Democrat. She also served as an aide to the Utah state legislature and was a candidate for Salt Lake City Mayor in 2007. In addition to her service in

Resolution on Sexual Harassment

2017-10-21 Resolution on Harassment and Bullying • DEFINITIONS AND TERMINOLOGY • Harassment can take many forms. It may be verbal, physical, or visual and can include but is not limited to: words, signs, jokes, pranks, intimidation, physical contact, or violence. It generally focuses on stereotyping that includes age, gender, race, color, ethnicity, culture, religion, sexual orientation or disability. • Bullying does not involve stereotyping but encompasses the same actions as harassment and is equally as serious. • Sexual harassment may include unwelcome sexual advances by either sex, requests for sexual favors, other verbal or physical contact of a sexual nature when such conduct creates a

Lincoln was right, "A house divided against itself can not stand."

Lynn Matthews, Washington County DemocratsPublished 6:24 a.m. MT Nov. 24, 2017 So, one of my favorite game shows is Match Game (both the original and the new). For the few of you unfamiliar with the show, the premise is that the host gives a short clue in which there are typically many plausible answers. A panel of celebrities must write out the best answer to the given clue. Then, the contestant states his or her best answer, trying to match as many of the celebrity answers as possible to win. In the new version, the commentary is sometimes a bit colorful but I still find myself so intrigued with the answers. I find myself saying things like: “Oh, I would have never thought of that answer!”

Ruthless Republicans

The Spectrum Published 5:30 p.m. MT Nov. 12, 2017 Calloused disregard for the majority of us is now rampant in the Republican Party. Virtually every essential aspect of our lives is under assault — even life itself. GOP intransigence on gun control is symptomatic of their self-serving reckless agenda. In addition to undermining our bedrock democratic institutions, most of the Trump/GOP policies and legislation are and will cause untold hardship for most of us. Contorted health care schemes by which millions lose insurance and thousands die; sabotaging the ACA by slashing subsidies; withholding CHIP health insurance from children; tax reform with drastic cuts to social and other vital program

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