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Resilient Democratic Party Organizes for 2018

The Washington County Democratic Party of Utah held a meeting on November 29, 2017 to organize their efforts and prepare for the 2018 elections. At this meeting, new officers were elected, new goals were defined, new resolutions were adopted and new candidates were given an audience. The Democrats have started a comeback in national politics and are now determined to have more influence in the local Utah politics as well.

Chuck Goode, a candidate for Utah House District 71 in 2016, was selected as the new Party Chair. Dr. Jeremy Young, assistant professor of history at Dixie State University, became the new Vice-Chair. Dr. Lynne Cobb PHD, a retired St George psychologist, became the new Secretary. Glenn Justice EA, a retired owner of Tax & Business Solutions, became the Treasurer. Debbie Justice, Founder & Director of The Learning Center for Kids, now retired, was chosen as the new Communications & Publicity Chair.

As a first order of business, a new resolution to the Bylaws was proposed. This resolution emphasized womens' rights and defined and prohibited sexual harassment and bullying in any form. The resolution passed unanimously.

Debbie Justice led a brain-storming session to determine the most important local issues for Democrats. Some of the most important topics were Healthcare, Education, Water & the LPP, and Public Lands - especially the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante areas. Action plans will now be established to address these issues.

Shireen Ghorbani, a candidate for House District 2, had an opportunity to introduce herself and to define her platform. She is running against the incumbent Chris Stewart. Shireen holds two masters degrees, one from the University of Utah, and she has had personal experience with the Utah healthcare system. She lost her mother to cancer two years ago. Since her father is Iranian, she is very familiar with foreign policy issues. She is also familiar with immigration issues. Her campaign is just being kicked off and, already, she has garnered a great deal of support. Her website is

The Washington County Democrats website is and the phone number is 435-339-0200.

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