TALK-N-TAPAS MEETINGS HAVE STARTED UP AGAIN ​ GREAT TURN-OUT FOR TALK-N-TAPAS ON FEB 24th - ​ We had over 25 enthusiastic people at Sunday's meeting and enough delicious food and drinks for everyone. After about an hour of eating and drinking and getting a few things off our chest (which you can only do when you are among friends), we settled into a huge circle for a brain-storming session. Chuck talked about the Washington County Democrats Annual Meeting which is coming up on March 23rd at 2:00 p.m. in the Fossil Ridge Intermediate School auditorium on Mall Drive. We will be electing new officers for the party including Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary and Treasurer. If you or anyone you know w


THREE REASONS TO END THE GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATELY ​ 1. HUMAN SUFFERING - ​ Eight hundred thousand government employees are being asked to work without getting paid. Families are taking part-time jobs and second jobs. They still need to spend money on transportation and work expenses. 78% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck. They cannot go one month without pay. People inside the border are suffering, but people outside the border are suffering even more. Desperate refugees who requested asylum in our country are turned away with no living arrangements. They came with the clothes on their backs. They have no food and must care for their children in tents. Some families are still tra

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