Utah is the Worst State for Women

UTAH IS THE WORST STATE FOR WOMEN Senator Luz Escamilla just submitted a proposal to fund a "Women's Compensation Study". Guess what -- the GOP men in the Senate shot down the bill. Imagine that! The Republican-led legislature snubs Utah women once again. If you google, "The ten worst states for women", you will find the following USA TODAY article: "These are the 10 worst states for women: #1 Worst: UTAH >Gender wage gap: 70 cents per dollar (2nd worst) >Poverty rate, women: 13.6% (13th worst) >Pct. in state legislature: 16.3% (6th worst) >Infant mortality rate: 5.0 per 1,000 births (2nd worst) >Children's sexual abuse: 27% (1st worst) >Management positions: 31% (2nd worst)" America's wo

Standing in solidarity with youth calling for gun-law reform

Michelle Malkin’s opinion piece on Feb. 22, “Do Not Let the Children Lead,” was particularly dismaying. This high school-led movement for reforming gun laws in our country is impressive. Adolescents are daring to draw a line in the sand that so many adults, especially our elected officials, have refused to address. Enough is enough! America’s gun laws are in serious need of reformation. Why is it that our young people are willing to carry the charge on this serious issue? Why hasn’t this uproar been championed by others en masse? Many Americans believe in revising current laws. A poll released Feb. 20, 2018, conducted by Quinnipiac University, reveals that American voters support stricter gu

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