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Guide to St. George Area City Council Elections

Ballots due by Nov 5th

vote in your local elections

A previous note on this subject from the Board President of Conserve Southwest Utah (CSU) was intended to be a personal note to his friends and neighbors, and to their friends and neighbors, and was not intended for general distribution related to the organization. CSU, a local grassroots, non-profit, non-partisan conservation organization, sent the following message to its members to encourage voting and consideration of its values, passing on the candidate information it was able to find.

Elections matter.

Recent history has proved this point dramatically. Our local city councils have tremendous influence on issues important to us. The key questions we ask of candidates are:

  1. Do you support citizen engagement in developing positions on issues?

  2. Do you support developing a growth policy (Vision Dixie) and implementation plans for it?

  3. Are you open to considering risks involved with the Lake Powell Pipeline and with implementation planning for water conservation?

  4. Are you open to considering alternatives to the proposed highway and to understanding the values behind them?

  5. Are you open to considering the development of an energy policy that would support more clean energy?

Please take a little time to explore your city council candidates’ attitudes on the issues that are important to you. Most candidates are fiscally conservative and public safety oriented, with a wide variety of backgrounds and qualifications, but their positions on the key issues are revealing. While it is hard to find specific information, here are a few sources we have found:

(Clicking on the link above will open a PDF document) This is from the Chamber of Commerce’s August primary election materials. It includes candidates who did not make it past the primary, and there may be more current information from those who did.

(Clicking on the link above will open a PDF document) St. George, Ivins and Washington

Don’t be shy about calling or emailing them with questions.

Editor's note: Steve Garcia sent this letter to the editor of the St. George News about candidates running for the Hurricane City Council.

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