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Russia is a Terrorist State

Brace yourself for the brutal attacks on civilians and innocent children that are coming from the terrorist state of Russia. Here is a news report predicting the future and what we must do:
"As never before, we must summon the determination and discipline to support and elect leaders who have the maturity, judgment, and strength to lead America through a perilous time. However, whatever challenges we face in overcoming a divided political landscape, they pale in comparison to the daily suffering of millions of Ukrainians.
The horrendous situation in Ukraine will become unimaginably worse and may drag on for years. Republicans and the right-wing media will unleash a disinformation campaign to convert a humanitarian crisis into cynical partisan advantage. It will be difficult to endure the hypocrisy and deluded smugness of people who can’t find Ukraine on a map and who have no interest in rectifying that gap in their knowledge. But disinformation and ignorance are not bullets. Lies are not cluster bombs. Hypocrisy is not a thermobaric weapon. If Ukrainians can continue their courageous struggle in the face of real bullets and bombs, surely we can find the fortitude to overcome disinformation, lies, and hypocrisy.
In the months to come, we will witness crimes against humanity on a monstrous scale. Russian troops have attacked the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. In response, President Zelenskyy rightly called Russia “a terrorist state.”
Please contribute at HTTPS://UNICEFUSA.ORG whatever you can to help Ukraine and register as a Democrat to vote in the 2022 elections to help America. Visit us at HTTPS://WCDPU.COM


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