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Democrats ask Who Are We?

As we stand with the people of Ukraine and admire their courage, we as Democrats ask this question. Who are we?
These are anxiety-producing times. Modest victories are achieved at great cost. Gains are temporary, and margins are narrow. Governing is messy, and criticism is easy. Predictions of doom abound. Here’s the thing: Somebody has to have the guts to stare those facts in the face and do something about it. That’s us.
We must be realistic without being fatalistic. We must be a source of strength, comfort, and inspiration to others. Most importantly, we must never panic, and we must not confuse temporary setbacks with permanent defeat. The forces of democracy, tolerance, and decency will prevail in the end. If our job turns out to be ‘holding the fort’ so that future generations can achieve ultimate victory, that is a noble calling. Do not regret that role. Embrace it.

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