Washington County Democratic Party Remote ZOOM Convention

Hello there, conventiongoer!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Utah State Democratic Party has directed county parties to consider hosting a remote caucus night. In compliance with the Governor's request to limit public gatherings, we have elected to host a remote convention. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we're excited to be doing everything we can to ensure that this virus doesn't spread further.

Our remote convention will be held on Saturday, April 4, 2020 at 12:30 PM as originally scheduled. A link will be provided to all attendees through an email message.

Thank you for participating in the most important event of our party building process!


If you want to join our convention, please fill out the registration form HERE. This is also a good way to check that all your information is correct. We will use your email address to send you a link to join our meeting. You do not need to sign in or anything. You just need a computer with internet access. When you click on the email link, you may be asked to download Zoom; this saves time. You may be asked for access to your camera and mic; this is fine to answer yes. Once you are connected, you can decide whether to turn off or on your camera and your mic.


If you are already subscribed to our list, then when you add your email address, you will see this message:

“youremail@gmail.com is already subscribed to Washington County Democratic Party of Utah". Click here to update your profile.  When you “click to update your profile”, you will receive an email message which allows you to update any of your contact information.

  1. Go to your email messages, find the one from Washington County Democratic Party,

  2. click on the "update my profile link",

  3. then make any changes to your information and click Submit. (You must enter something in the required fields with an "*". You cannot change your email address; just enter a new email address on our website)



1. Click on the link in your email to JOIN the meeting.

2. View the Introductory Videos from our Democratic Candidates and plan to support them with your whole heart. Watch their videos HERE.

3. Donate to the Democratic Party so that you can continue to be informed and active in your local community. We need your help this year more than ever. Donate HERE.

4. Even if you attended our convention last year, please go fill out our Convention Registration form HERE.

5. If you have questions, find your district HERE and contact one of the following Legislative District Chairs: HERE


6. You can watch as each candidate introduces themselves and answers your questions on ZOOM.

7. You can give a voice vote to accept our candidates and to pass any other motions such as approving our budget.