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The WCDPU hosted the 2024 Convention Sat., March 23, 2024. Speakers at the event were: Natalia Cervantes, President, Utah Tech Young Dems; Rebecca Winsor, President, League of Woman's Voters, St. George; Chuck Goode, Candidate County Commissioner; Lisa Aedo, Proj. Manager, Desert Canyon; Ed Andrechak, President, Conserve SW Utah; Deidra Ritchhart, Candidate, Senate District 29, and Brian King, Candidate for Governor.

2024-03-23 Washco Convention photos.jpg

Democratic Candidates 2024: 

Brian King for Governor, Caroline Gleich for US Senate

Deidra Ritchhart for Utah Senate, Joshua Dutson for Utah House , and Chuck Goode for Washington County Commission, Nathaniel Woodward, CD2  (Click photo for details)

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Caroline Gleich.jpg
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